About Us

Enviro Tree Service Orlando is  Family Oriented Company

Enviro Tree Service is a family owned Orlando Tree Service, which currently employs 32 employees in addition to Owners Joshua and Melinda Tankersley. We have 5 ISA Certified Arborists on staff. We are a commercial Orlando Tree service company that also carries out tree service work in residential locations and private homes.

The scope of our work includes;

Just look at the scope of our Tree Services in Orlando and no matter if you are a corporate business or residential home, we can help you with all your tree care and landscaping needs.

Residential Tree Services

b4-400x250If your trees have been damaged due to a storm or perhaps they have overgrown to the point – they are encroaching on your living space and could become more troublesome,then call one of our Tree care professionals. We are professional Arborists and not just individuals who are unqualified to for tree removal.

Read more here on our Orlando Tree Removal Guide.

Commercial Orlando Tree Services

We do a tremendous amount of work for Walt Disney World, Rosen Properties, Marriott World Center, Sea World, Universal Studios, Most of the areas Resorts as well as many HOA Properties and Residential Properties throughout the Central Florida area and throughout Florida.

Our key personnel are:

Joshua Tankersley, Owner/President
I.S.A. Certified Arborist #FL-1342A
NAA Certified Arborist
TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional #438
25 years experience Landscape & Tree Care Maintenance
First Aid and CPR Certified
Aerial Rescue Certified

Melinda Tankersley, Owner/CFO/CEO
23 years Outside Sales & Business Management/Accounting
Bachelors Business Management/Marketing
Licensed Real Estate Agent
First Aid and CPR Certified
407-574-6154 (office)

Brian Gould, Account Manager
Duties: Outside Sales
Traq Certified (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification)
I.S.A. Certified Arborist #FL 5556AT
I.S.A. Certified Tree Worker
M.O.T. Certified
First Aid and CPR Certified
Aerial Rescue Certified
17 years Experience Landscape and Tree Care Maintenance

Mike Provencher, Account Manager
Duties: Outside Sales and Conducting Safety Meetings, Training & Managing Employee Files
ISA Certified Arborist FL-5424A