“Don’t Cut Your Own Trees after a Hurricane” The reasons why you need a professional arborist.

After a hurricane, some trees come out with only little damage while others lose big parts and large limbs of their branching structure. Some trees may be split into two while others fall completely. Most of the trees that have already been destroyed by diseases are the most affected because nothing can be done for them to withstand the storm. After a hurricane, every farm owner wants to clean up the mess. Do not be hasty for you could end up removing some trees which could have been held back.

There is a probability of recovering some of the trees that were damaged by the storm. Some trees that were blown over, broken or impacted by the hurricane can be treated. Others that were impacted severely may need to be removed completely. This is a complicated decision to make and that is why you need the services of a competent arborist. One is advised not to cut their trees after a hurricane. In the case of hanging or broken limbs or there is a need for an overhead chainsaw work then that is the job of an arborist.

Reasons for hiring a certified arborist

Arborists are specialists dedicated to caring for shrubs and trees with up to date techniques and advances. They are dedicated to excelling in the Arboriculture field. The arborists are trained and educated to diagnose and treat shrubs and trees, understand the tree biology, properly prune and manage valuable shrubs and trees, identify and select the appropriate shrubs and trees for your landscape and to recognize construction damage and certain tree hazards. They also know how they can keep your shrubs and trees in peak form through fertilization and nutrition techniques.

Arborists remove the broken branches that are still on the tree. The professionals are trained on how they treat the broken branches and prevent decay agents from getting into the wound.  They prune the smaller branches at the point where they intersect with the large ones. The arborists know of the guidelines they need to follow to help the tree recover faster.

The arborists also give the best advice tree pruning. Some inexperienced personnel may advise you to cut all the branches so as to prevent breakage in future hurricanes. Professionals’ advice against cutting the main branches for this may cause the tree never to regain its original shape. They will give the best recommendation on how to treat your tree.

The arborists also repair the torn barks. After a hurricane, the professional arborists smooth the ragged edges where the back was torn thus eliminating hiding places for insects. The cambium should not be much exposed since they contain the lifelines of the trees water and the food between the leaves and the roots.

A certified arborist is the best person to maintain your landscape and especially after a hurricane. They will help you to preserve the ecological and aesthetic value of your shrubs and trees. Ensure that you select an arborist with proven level of competency. They should always be updated by reviewing the latest publications and also by attending seminars so as to get continuous education credits.